In collaboration with the Inquiry Institute Inc. USA (, Inquiring Dialogue Pte Ltd (with partnership with Latitude Leadership), is bringing the “Inquiring Mindset” and Change your Question, Change your Life workshop into Singapore.

"Mindset" refers to one’s characteristic attitudes and ways of approaching people and situations. When we operate from the Inquiring Mindset, we are curious, open-minded, and ask questions intended to discover, learn, resolve, and create. This way we empower the most successful critical, creative, and collaborative thinking; decision-making; problem-solving; conversation, and results. The practical Inquiring Mindset tools, methods, and practices can make a positive difference in results wherever they are applied.

The Inquiring Mindset is the habit, curiosity, and
courage of asking open-minded questions
of oneself and others.

There is ….    
no progress without change
no change without learning
no learning without questions
no questions without curiosity
no curiosity or questions without an active Inquiry Mindset

About Marilee Adams

Marilee Adams, Ph.D., is an author, executive coach, facilitator, and professional speaker. She is president and founder of the Inquiry Institute, a consulting, coaching, and educational organization and the originator of the Question Thinking™ methodologies.

Marilee is the author of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 10 Powerful Tools for Life and Work, a best-selling business and relationship fable about an executive coach and inquiring leadership. She also authored a textbook, The Art of the Question: A Guide to Short-Term Question-Centered Therapy. She wrote a chapter for Action Learning and Its Applications, Present and Future and coauthored, with Drs. David Cooperrider and Marge Schiller, a chapter for Advances in Appreciative Inquiry. She has a chapter in Positively M.A.D.: Making a Difference in Your Organizations, Communities, & the World and has also written articles on expert questioning in coaching and on organizational inquiry and transformation. She is also a guest blogger for Experience Life Magazine.


Marilee is an adjunct professor at American University’s School of Public Affairs in their Key Executive Leadership Program, a member of the Core Faculty, Certificates in Leadership Coaching, cosponsored by Adler International Learning and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University Toronto. She is also affiliated with Columbia University’s Learning & Leadership Group at Teachers College.

Marilee’s Question Thinking work forms the core of her presentations, keynotes, workshops and workdays in organizations (including Fortune 50 companies), government agencies, nonprofits, and for communities.
She and her husband, artist and coach, Ed Adams (, live in the arts community and river town of Lambertville, New Jersey.

Inquiry Mindset Advantage Workshop

Come experience the power of learner questions by attending the 1-day “Inquiry Mindset Advantage” Workshop. For more information and registration, click here